Our objective is to assure you that all needs are met and your property is restored through our extensive Quality Control, Claims Adjusting and Project Management experience.
SCHEDULING - We will make every effort to schedule your re-roofing project at a time that is convenient to all parties involved. If you would like to request a specific date please call our office. Otherwise, we will call to inform you of both delivery and start dates. In the event we are unable to reach you, we will leave you a message on your answering machine, or with the person who answers the phone.

WEATHER CONDITIONS - Should your project be delayed due to bad weather, we will notify you of schedule changes. We are fully prepared in case the weather should turn bad during your project. The crews will seal your roof to prevent water from entering your home; we will resume work as soon as the weather allows us to.

DELIVERY - Material will be delivered by a local shingle supply warehouse by a large truck. If you have specified to our representative where you want the material delivered, they will place it there. Please notify us 24 hours due to delivery if you have any changes in your delivery instructions.

COMMUNICATIONS - If you have any questions or problems during your roofing job, please call the office immediately.

THE SIGN - Placing a sign on your property is the first step in reproofing your home. We are proud of this job and the work we do.

SHINGLES - There are usually two types of shingles sent on the job. One is a three tab shingle that is used as a starter shingle. The other shingles are the brand and style of shingles you requested to have installed.

WIRING & AIR CONDITIONING LINES - Electrical, telephone, security and air conditioning lines should not be installed directly underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we must be notified immediately. We will be responsible for the puncture of improperly installed lines or lines within three inches of the roof deck.

LIGHT FIXTURES, MIRRORS & PICTURES - These items can fall if not firmly attached to the wall or ceilings. We suggest that you check to make sure they are secured. If in doubt, take them down. Small cracks or crows feet will sometimes appear in older plaster and sometimes small particles of the acoustical wall will fall. We will not assume the responsibility- of these items as a result of reroofing.

TEAR OFF - When it is necessary to remove your existing roof or roofs, debris will fall through your lath (space decking) or into the attic. We will cover any items which require protection. There will be a thorough clean up of the exterior of your premise, however, we can only pick up approximately 98% of the nails that fall around the premise.