Our objective is to assure you that all needs are met and your property is restored through our extensive Quality Control, Claims Adjusting and Project Management experience.
Insurance scope of damage - Leaderboard Investments will identify the full scope of the loss, all available options and resulting consequences to develop an overall strategy without jeopardizing the claim settlement. We have the expertise to handle the complexities, potential problems and every detail of your loss. We understand the importance of preparing your claim in a concise, comprehensive and detailed manner to facilitate a quick and equitable settlement for restoring your property back to original condition and BETTER!

Our team of experts are continuously educating themselves to stay up to date with the ever-changing industry of building codes and designs. Using highly sophisticated estimating software, we generate detailed reports that indicate the work to be performed and the associated cost of repair, item by item, in a well­ organized format that exceeds all industry and consumer standards.

Complete Restoration and Construction Services - Leaderboard Investments is also a full service construction company specializing in property restoration for commercial, residential and industrial losses upwards of $50 million. Our services include all types of reconstruction, including commercial improvements and residential remodeling. We have the financial resources and capabilities to mobilize a national work force, if necessary, within one hour to most locations, and the expertise to begin immediate restoration of damaged property. This timely response has proven to benefit property owners financially and protect their liability.

Your insurance carrier pays our service fees, saving any out of pocket expense from you. Which are usually above and beyond your scope of repairs? We bill the insurance company directly through your casualty insurance. That means you have a strong team on your side that will take care of you and all of your insurance needs and you still receive the fair and just settlement you deserve. You can then go on with your business without delay at No Cost to You!

We work on your behalf, the insured, to:

o    Assist in interpreting the terms of your policy through our insurance coverage counsel and understanding insurance companies' claim tactics and tendencies,
o    Provide expert damage evaluations
o    Render complete insurance restoration services